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List of Principles

  Company Name Origin Description
1 Houchin LTD UK Ground Power Units & Civilian & Military & Frequency Converters.

“AMSS” Aircraft Maintenance Support Services Ltd.

UK Aircraft Maintenance Support Services.

Cargo Loaders, Aircraft Tractors, Passenger Steps.Ramp Snake Belt Loader.

4 Rofan Germany Tow Tractors for Airports and Industry.
5 FFG Germany

Catering Vehicles. Ambulance Lift Vehicles. VIP Passenger Stairway

6 Lebrun Belgium Air Conditioning Units for Aircrafts.
7 Weston Aerospace UK Heating & Sensor for Engines.
8 Dunlop Aerospace UK Aviation Parts & Services.
9 Cetco / Volclay UK/USA Volclay Waterproofing System.
10 Cafco / Mandoval UK-USA- Belgium Fireproofing & Firestopping.
11 Glacier UK Bearings & Expansion Joints for Bridges.
12 Permaquik Canada/USA Waterproofing Membranes.
13 ITEC Germany/Japan Expansion Joints Waterstops.
14 Kemtech UK Chemical Products for Construction.
15 DBC Holland Drilling Chemicals.
16 Pilkington UK Glass – Fireproof – Bullet Proof – Shatter Proof.
17 “Tip Top” Automotive Germany Equipment, Tools & Repair Products for Tires Workshops.
18 “Tip Top” Industrial Germany Conveyor Belt Maintenance and Repair. Anti Chemical Linings. Anti Abrasion Linings for Drums and Chutes. Anti Caking Linings.
19 Continental Contitech Germany Belt & Airspring Below.
20 Vibracoustic Germany Airspring Below for Automotive Railway.
21 Dunlop UK Airspring Below for Automotive Railway.
22 Roite Italy Industrial Hoses.
23 Spetec / Tecinvest Belgium P.U. Injection for Water Cut Off.
24 Kommerling UK/USA Sealants- Epoxide Resins.
25 Liquid plastics Limited UK Special Coating.
26 Rotrans Spain Rollers for Conveyor Belts.
27 Fire Stopit UK Firestoping systems.
28 Mato Germany Belt Lacing Systems (Fasteners).
29 Mato Germany Lubrication Equipments.
30 Curecrete “Ashford Formula” USA Treatment for Concrete Flooring.
31 Firespray UK Fireproofing for Ductworks.
32 Alligator Germany Tire Valves, whether for Cars, Trucks, Agricultural Machines, Bicycles or for Special Industrial Application



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