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QA / QC System


          We study projects’ documents like design, drawing, specifications, and bill of  quantities in order to produce a workable & cost effective method statement. COMAG control system is to measure quantity, time, and cost at the construction stage. We use computer facilities in every step we make.



  COMAG develops plans of inspection that forces to observe the work and to ensure that the quality required is achieved.

  The type of plan includes:

  •  Sampling and testing of components and materials to be used for work.

  • We check qualities by making additional tests of consumption & team power.
  • We provide a certain equipment to meet the required specification of the project.



Quality Assurance is our first priority in our plan & program development. When project requirement and engineer specifications have been persuaded, operation analysis techniques will generate information regarding time, cost, and quality of work.

The QA personnel develop plan for:

§  Achieving the desired quality.

§  Review performance specification and test procedures.

§  Review any changes in design or controlled material.

§  Review manufacturer's test reports and carry out field tests and inspections.



COMAG produce safety program to:

§  Reduce human suffering and loss of material through accidents.

§  Promote moral productivity through safe working conditions.

§  To reduce insurance rate and indirect cost by lost time accidents.

  The safety team analyzes the work for potential hazards and prepare specifications covering anticipated unsafe conditions. Our framework for safety plan covering all work including subcontract work.

  We submit safety plan within our method statements to the client for review and approval concurrently with initial submission of construction schedule.



For each project, we comply with the engineer specification and requirement, in as much as we are familiar with the codes and standards listed below:

  1. Egyptian code.

  2. International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

  3. American Concrete Institute (ACI).

  4. American Institute of Steel Construction.

  5. British Standard Institute (BSI).6- Deosches Institut Fuer Normung (DIN) (EN). 


For any project, we produce construction reports such as:

  1. Daily inspection.

  2. Daily construction log.

  3. Weekly status of construction.

  4. Biweekly cost report.

  5. Monthly progress report.

  6. Monthly schedule review and update.

  7. Monthly project manager's report to the owner.

  8. Completion report.

The basic source of information is COMAG inspector.


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Comag Egypt

13, Ismail El Kabany St., Nasr City, Cairo - 11371 Egypt.

Tel: +202 2263 6868 - +202 2263 5805 Fax: +202 2262 3801 E-Mail: